Be an Ambassador
Empowering women to empower other women . The meaning of ‘dignity’ is personal to everyone. While health services have a universal definition, dignified healthcare is experienced on an individual level. Currently, there is a lack of acknowledgement of respectful healthcare and that cannot change if women don’t come together to define what it means to be treated with care and respect when receiving healthcare services.

In order to do so, we are inviting women from Patna to join us as ambassadors by participating in a city-wide contest . Here, women have the opportunity to bring real change and motivate other women to do the same.
About Program
Under the programme, we are:
  • Inviting community leaders, working professionals, teachers, and other women to lead the campaign
  • Reaching as many women and young people as possible
  • Equipping them with the right tools to take the campaign forward individually and independently
  • Encouraging women to voice their opinions, stories, and create a safe space for discussing health-related issues
Benefits of Being an Ambassador
Connect with other female leaders
Learn skills for social media business & content creation
Build a community & share your story on various media platforms
Upskill your digital knowledge
Who can Apply?
Any woman based in Patna , in the age group of 18-30 , who has experienced lack of dignity while accessing healthcare, can become a #KhudSePooche Ambassador.
Applications are closed for ambassadors at the moment.
Contact us at: